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Even with the backdrop of a pandemic extremely present, the Real Estate world does not stop. There are many sellers who were waiting for the spring market to list their home and find a buyer. On the surface it would seem that these plans have taken a hit, but in reality they just need a […]

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Rental property ownership is filled with ups and downs. If you currently own residential real estate you may be faced with the most difficult period of your ownership. In addition to trying to navigate your personal financial situation, you have to worry about rent coming in from your tenants. The protection of your lease may […]

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Home is considered a massive financial investment to make in your lifetime. There are some specific things to understand before buying a house. This additional advice will help you to make a big decision in buying a perfect house for your dream living. Buy a Home for Long Run You know that home is a […]

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I met the Avanti Homes team when I became their real estate agent for a Short Sale Property I had listed in Townsend Delaware. The experience turned into a genuine business relationship. I was very excited to work with them on the project and look forward to working with them again on future projects.

I admire Armin and Judith’s teamwork and professionalism. As a couple and team, they have form the type of company any person or business can trust to complete projects with high quality work. I recommend their services as real estate redeveloper/investors to improve neighborhoods and the quality of life for residents in the NewCastle area.  Working with this team was a true pleasure!

Abby Drobinski, Realtor
Licensed in DE
Cell: 302-382-5039
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